Live Music Promotion

Originals Bands That We Have Booked:

All Against Nothing, Alone With Wolves, Arms & The Man, Atopia, Beggars Would Ride, Billy Skins 5th, Black Noise, Bowfinger, Bring Down The Satellite, Brocker, Calm for the Restless, Canterella, CB6, Cemetery Junction, Charlie Indestructible, Circle of Reason, Concave, Crap Crab, Crinklecuts, Eastside Jimmy, Edge of Eden, Efferus, Enk Elination, Eva Plays Dead, Glass Artery, Hearts Under Fire, Hitchcock Blonde, Icosa, Jesus Hooligan, Kill Confirmed, Kingship Red, Last Ditch Attempt, Let’s Talk Daggers, Lexi Scarlett, Lovehats, Ministers Dead, Minor Pilot, My Passion, Outright Resistance, Overload, Papa Shango, Pirate Radio, Rising Tide, Rusty G's, Scar City, Scum of Toytown, Shadows Collide, Slias, Speedshot, Spirytus, Sunsets The Day, The Bleach Boys, The Floe, The Sleep Deepers, The Smoking Hearts, The Twirling Canes, Tibetan Sky, Trash Monroe, Trouble With Tuesday, Tyrannosaurus Alan, Villains.

Covers Bands That We Have Booked:

Allergy, Badwolf, Blag Sabbath, Boss Mule, Fire & Rain, Gridlock, Guns All Roses, Herbie Duo, Metalworks, Metalworks, Milner, Mr Rainmaker, No Sleep Til Bedtime, Paul Harper & The Growlers, Piston Groovy, Pure Pearl Jam, Replicant, Sleazy DC, Storm, Texas Flyers, The Authenticators, The Dekkertones, The Donkeys, The Hometown Boys, The Hoo Haas, The Kurmujun, The Mistreated, The Pistols, The Rock Factor, The Scallywags, The Synthetix, Too Loud For Rhona, Trench City.

Acoustic Acts That We Have Booked:

A Work In Progress, Alex Hel, Andrew Cream, April Blue, Benjamin Black, Clair de Lune, Clean Simon, Fishwife's Broadside, G La Roche, George Smith, Hazel Turnock & The Finger Choppers, Holly Knowles, James Maple, Joe Ferris, Kaj, Kelvin Jones, Liam Burke, Liz Townsend, Luke Tuchscherer, Michael King, Music & Spies, Nadeem Leigh, Neil By Mouth, Nick Moyster, Pete Guy, Pyro, Rhys Kirkman, Richard Booth, Rob Eaton, Sarah Doe, Schrodinger's Strings, Seb Stone, Steph Scott, The Broke & The Broken, The Brothers, The Floe, The Nimblewits, The Scam, Wreck The Place.

Please do not phone us for a gig - Send us a CD by post